Defenders of Mother Earth. Spiritual Leaders of the five rainbow tribes of humanity, Africa, Mongolia, Australia, South and North Americas and the South Pacific Island Nations have answered the distress call from Mother Earth. They have gathered at the prophesied location of the return of the Guardian of Earth, Flora. Uniting their spiritual powers they summon the wrath of nature to free Flora from the evil spell of El Tiburon. It is the time of the Rainbow Prophecy of One Earth, a time where all Nations and peoples have banned war as a crime against all peoples. However the forces of darkness must be stopped from their diabolical plan of destroying the Heart of Nature. Only the chosen one, Flora, can represent humanity in this sacred task. But first the Shamans must free Flora from the clutches of the undead lich sorcerer, El Tiburon and send Flora on her divine mission to defend the Heart of Nature.