The Hirudinean is a giant 25 foot tall, evil Martian priest, one of the last immortal shadow lords, a slave unto the Lords of Darkness. He had been rewarded for the destruction of Mars and the slaughter of its peoples earned. After destroying Mars, IT fled the forces of the Intergalactic Federation of Light to hide in the subterranean caverns beneath the EARTH. For the past 15,000 years IT had schemed for control of the Earth and its Human cattle. The Hirudinean is obsessed with the Earth’s destruction at the behest of the Lords of Darkness an unspeakable terror bent upon galactic destruction. ITS unholy mission is to destroy the Heart of Nature and Flora, the Guardian of the Earth. IT is an intergalactic criminal, wanted by the Intergalactic Federation of Light for crimes against the galaxy. If IT succeeds in destroying the Heart of Nature, a tear into the shadow realm will allow the Lords of Darkness into this dimension to consume all life and destroy the Earth.