FLORA trained and led the notorious ECO NINJA, known as Forest Defence, the most infamous guerrilla eco-revolutionaries of the 22nd century. They existed selflessly to protect ancient forests and indigenous villages from the ruthless ecocide of the A.F.D. across jungles of South and Central America. Tagged as eco-terrorists by the A.F.D. for the sabotage of billions of dollars of forestry machinery, Flora and Forest Defence became the most wanted eco outlaws in Austral Asia. The Eco Ninja army Forest Defense swore an oath to not take the life of any living being. Eco Ninja use hit and run tactics to take out most of the A.F.D’s logging and oil operations in South and Central America by sabotaging machinery and “booby” trapping the forest. The call sign of FOREST DEFENCE is a bloody handprint stamped on the machines and trees that have been trapped.