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Founded in 1999 in Sydney, Australia by Markra, Calavera Productions seeks to collaborate with talented people from all Nations to produce our original awe inspiring One Earth Chronicles tm graphic novel series, television series, art works, film projects, games, books and merchandise. Working together with many peoples of all Nations we will continue to grow and evolve for the benefit of ALL.

 Together we create stories for the Protection of Mother Earth and the Abolition of war to establish, One Earth, for the children of the future and all peoples right now.

 Calavera Productions is a boutique media company with projects in film, television, digital media and now comics with the emergence of the eco-sci-fi series, the One Earth Chronicles tm. We are a global collective of creative producers, artists and technicians, who are dedicated to producing and delivering cutting edge projects to mainstream and ever growing alternative audiences.

 We have a targeted focus on the powerful fandom demographic of action sci-fi fantasy and are the excited creators of a new spin off genre, para eco-sci fi, in the astounding new project, the ONE EARTH CHRONICLES tm.

 Calavera Productions has established itself as a trusted group which consistently delivers high-quality, commercial entertainment and popular intellectual property.

Calavera Productions seeks to collaborate with other international minded partners to realize paradigm shifting media productions in Comics, TV series, Games, Merchandising and Film productions at the box office, online and in printed sales. Untold riches of stories and adventures await.

From the big-screen to the power of a comic book panel and the magnetic draw of online content, Calavera Productions is committed to powerful stories that will forever inspire and lead future generations into a peaceful world FREE from the scourge of war and to be Guardians of Mother Earth. ONE EARTH !

Calavera Productions seeks to find publishers and financial partners that share the passion for legendary entertainment from our original tales that will inspire many generations across the world and far into the future. We are excited to share with you our breath taking tale of the One Earth Chronicles tm series, in the short 32 page pilot – FORGOTTEN HISTORY.

Please support us by downloading a digital copy or  ordering a beautiful glossy paperback and or limited hard back signed edition.  Purchase a copy today of this exciting Graphic Novel prequel.


THE AWAKENING, Episodes 1 and 2. Art by Paul Peart Smith and Tony Ferrier


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Multi-Media Producers

PIXRSITE is a company engaged in the field of creative services. Our creative team personnel are already have experiences of more than 8 years in the creative industries. We provide convenience for our customers with a motto “One Stop Creative Solution” in order to get many kinds of creative services from one source only. Our creative services include: Photography, Retouching & Digital Imaging, Graphic Design, Web Design and Clothing.



Technical Team

Babel Creative Solutions (BCS) was established in 2011 as a creativity vessel for the founders synergistic visions and hobbies. Together they work on comic books for the biggest printing company in Indonesia, now BCS is developing other designs and printing related businesses, merchandising, and also website design projects.



Ardiatma has been over the last 13 years of his career, a comic editor and a product manager for a Japanese comic publisher at Indonesia’s largest publisher, Kompas Gramedia Group.  2014 saw Ardiatma move from printing to animation by moving to Tokyo and joining TMS, a Sega Sammy group animation division. Ardiatma now consults on numerous projects, such as  games, merchandising / action figures, to name a few.

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All round excellent Guy and Soccer Hero.


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